TRACER is the only organization that offers a unique methodology using fluorescence molecular imaging to enable the macroscopic to microscopic visualization of the distribution of your drug in vivo and at the tissue level ex vivo. We use state-of-the-art and innovative clinical fluorescence imaging systems, and above all we enhance the decision-making process for a go/no-go to help you select the most potent drugs for your target population. In addition, by fluorescently labeling of your drug, we can investigate whether your compound can be used for clinical decision making during surgery or endoscopy or for personalized healthcare purposes providing the ultimate tool for precision drug development. Collaborating with the most celebrated and globally located academic centers and industries, we have a world-class, experienced and multidisciplinary team with access to world-leading key-opinion experts in the field. Within TRACER we develop, GLP/GMP manufacture and evaluate your proprietary fluorescent drug, translating it from the lab bench and the pre-clinical phase to the clinic conform industrial standards. Please contact us and learn more about the future in drug development today.