Signed agreement with CantorClin

Tuesday 15 December 2015

  • Life Cooperative

The Life Cooperative signed an agreement with CantorClin concerning cleaning services for the partners. The agreement is an annual combined revenue discount. CantorClin is company specialized in cleaning offices, stores, schools.

A few members of the cooperative are already making use of the services of CantorClin. They agree about the quality of the services. The agreement for the members of de cooperative, do not exclude the one-on-one agreements between the individual organization and CantorClin. The agreement with the cooperative is also not exclusive. 

From the beginning of 2016 the level of the annual combined revenue at CantorClin will result in a revenue discount for the cooperative. The cooperative is expecting a revenue about €100k. 50% of the revenue discount (about 3%) will be pro-data paid to the members and the other 50% will be invested by the cooperative in initiatives to develop and grow.

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