Groningen company CC Diagnostics wins 'Jonge Ondernemings Prijs'

Friday 4 October 2019

  • Life Cooperative

Entrepreneur Nutte van Belzen of CC Diagnostics has won the Young Enterprise Award 2019. This was announced yesterday evening during the final show at Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie in Leeuwarden.

Every year young entrepreneurs from Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe compete for this award. Extra prizes are attached to the award, such as an exclusive master class worth € 2,500.00, an advice process from Flinc, a membership from JNO, an advertising page in Noordz and of course eternal fame. In addition to this year's winner, Jessica Kuiken from Marketing Crew from Franeker and Frans Filius from Grutte Pier Brewery had a chance to win the title.

The jury, consisting of business professionals, were unanimous about the result. “All finalists are unique and good at what they do. The reason that we find Nutte van Belzen the winner is, among other things, that he started being an entrepreneur during his studies. He is both a doctor and an entrepreneur, a special combination. He has developed a test that makes 33% fewer errors in the rapid and effective detection of cervical cancer. 

Watch the pitch of Nutte van Belzen from CC Diagnostics, which he made during the Jonge Ondernemings Prijs contest, to present his company.

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