400 New jobs through biomarkers

Wednesday 4 March 2015

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At the initiative of local businesses

Groningen gets a 'Bbay'. The province, UMCG and a number of biotech companies put three million in a consortium around biomarkers, which should yield three to four hundred jobs.

Biomarkers that are "meters" with which the course of diseases or bodily functions can be measured. As e.g. cholesterol is a known measurement of the fatty degeneration of blood and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease. But there are many more biomarkers and there are always new found. Groningen has numerous small and large businesses around the UMCG site active in drug research.

The UMCG itself collects via Lifelines vast amounts of information about the health of 165,000 northerners. By combining the knowledge from those companies and the UMCG they hope that Bbay, Biomarker Bay, can attract new business. CEO Jos Aartsen of the UMCG, gedeputeerde Yvonne Mastricht and Martin Smit (pictured from left to right) signed an Bbay agreement on Wednesday afternoon. They hope for an economic boost for the North and the development of new individualized tailored diagnostic methods and medications. ,, As a province, we have the strategy to connect strong knowledge carriers such as the UMCG and Hanze University to the business, '' said van Mastricht.

For whole article go to: http://www.dvhn.nl/nieuws/400-banen-door-biomarkers-12310603.html

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