Start signal for innovative entrepreneurs during SME Network Meeting

Friday 15 June 2018

  • Life Cooperative

Eight pitches from eight innovative entrepreneurs. During the SME Network Meeting (Personalized & Customized Health) the start signal was given for various initiatives to pitch themselves. The pitches came from living labs* such as Newborn, Move2Innovate, i-Initiate, dHealth and the Pharma Portal, but also ZorgpleinNoord and Sportinnovator Centrum Groningen were present. All form a flywheel when it comes to developing innovations and bring them to the market. Invited guests, such as entrepreneurs, SMEs and healthcare professionals were given the opportunity to network and develop ideas together with these initiatives. To be continued!

From left to right: Nico van Meeteren (Health Holland), Martin Smit (Pharma Portal), Remco Renken (i-Initiate), Annelies Wolters (Move2Innovate), René van Bremen (SICG), Johannes Wolters (Lode Holding), Jackie Dekens (Newborn), Bart Scheerder (dHealth), Paulien van der Meulen (Onderwijs en Zorgtechnologie), Anne Been (MedTech Portal), Amber van der Schaaf (Life Cooperative), Ingrid Prikken (HANNN)

What is an living lab?
An experimental garden offers facilities with which small and medium-sized enterprises can perform tests in a real-life environment, or offer possibilities to test services. The SNN Call 'ON EFRO Living Labs' facilitates innovation clusters in the (further) development of living labs around societal challenges.

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