'Women who run on bikes': #HAT19 Documentaire

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Recap #HAT19 Final Stage Midwolda

Recap #HATjun Final Stage Midwolda

Healthy Ageing Tour - 10 - 14 April 2019

The Healthy Ageing Tour is an annual UCI stage race for women. It is held in the second week of April in Groningen and Fryslân, the Netherlands. The cycling event, formerly known as the Energiewachttour, now bears the name Healthy Ageing Tour. The world's top women cyclists compete in the Healthy Ageing Tour every year.

The Healthy Ageing Tour is not just a prestigious cycling event, it is also a Health Movement. The Healthy Ageing Tour organisations and partners initiate and stimulate healthy activities in all regions we visit.  

Technical Guides

- Download the Technical Guide HAT19 Elite (Version April 7th 2019)
- Download the Technical Guide HATjun19 (Version April 7th 2019)