Building the Future of Health

  • Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Zorg Innovatie Forum

Building the Future of Health is the name of a large international congress that will take place in June 2016 in Groningen, the Netherlands. It marks a fundamental development in how we think about our healthcare system and public health.

Can the built environment help us stay healthy for longer? Can it inspire us to exercise more? Does it offer, in combination with a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition, a cure for Western diseases like obesity and diabetes? And what will our future hospitals and healthcare institutions look like? All these questions – and many more – take centre stage at the conference.

Building the Future of Health puts the contribution that our built environment can provide for a good and healthy life on the agenda.

This is achieved through three tracks in which various relevant aspects are up for discussion: Healthy Cities and the Built Environment, Ageing in Place and The Architecture of Hospitals. In addition, the congress presents a fourth track in which the wider context of ‘ageing healthily’  is explored.

Due to the conviction that the best solutions come about by connecting knowledge and skills, the congress is of a highly interdisciplinary nature. For three days it offers a stimulating and inspiring environment in which designers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, medical researchers, environmental planners, policymakers, administrators, sociologists, demographers, doctors and representatives from various other disciplines in the field of public health can meet.

In a sense, Building the Future of Health consists of ‘four conferences in one’. This is thanks to the four parallel tracks that represent the various themes and levels:

  1. The Healthy City,
  2. Housing and Healthcare,
  3. The Architecture of Hospitals and
  4. The Wider Perspective.

This means it is possible for conference visitors to attend only lectures on Healthy Cities, developments in living arrangements and healthcare, or the architecture of hospitals. Of course, each track offers one or more plenary keynote lectures. In addition, the plenary programme emphasizes the links between the four tracks and, given the theme of Healthy Ageing, the offering of a wider perspective (for the future).

Building the Future of Health is a side event of the Dutch EU Presidency in the first half of 2016 and part of the Urban Europe agenda.

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